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Ikaro Charity Fund

Let’s make a difference Together

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Introducing the IKARO Charity Fund: Making an Impact

Our mission is simple: For every Mindset Coaching program we offer to cancer survivors, 10% of the sales revenue will be donated to our chosen charity, "Water for a Village". The proceeds will be utilised to create clean water sources in Africa, with a specific focus on Ethiopia for the time being. We are excited to see this initiative come to fruition and help make a positive impact in the world.

Why Cancer Survivors?
And Why Clean Water in Africa?  

Why Cancer Survivors?

Cancer is sadly impacting more and more people, especially in the Western world. Cancer Survivors are, in our eyes, superheroes. They battled one of the biggest fights of their lives if not The biggest fight, yet often, with that immense feeling of relief comes a feeling of disorientation as to ‘what’s next’.

Our aim is to support this community of survivors with our Mindset Coaching programs so they can find clarity again and thrive in their next chapter of Life. 

Why Clean Water in Africa?

Africa holds a very dear place in our hearts. Our Founder, Audrey Martin, grew up in Central Africa and cherishes fond memories of this beautiful continent that gave her so much. Now, as an adult and in a position to make a difference, Audrey is determined to give back to Africa in a meaningful and impactful way.

Millions of individuals worldwide are still struggling to obtain clean water, and it's particularly pronounced in Africa. The lack of access to clean water has far-reaching consequences, including but not limited to health, hygiene, life expectancy, school attendance, and more. In contrast, having access to clean water has the power to drastically transform our health, Wellbeing, and children's education.

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The two criteria most important to us are:

Why did we choose “Water for a Village” amongst all the charities out there?

Ensuring that the ethical standards and authenticity of the charity are very high.


Guaranteeing that the funds are truly reaching those who require them the most.


This is what we found in “Water for a Village” and its founder Catherine Wheatley. 

Find out more on their website:

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Ikaro Consulting supports Water for a Village in Africa.

If you feel stuck or unclear about what’s next for you in your life post-cancer, then coaching can be resourceful and valuable to you. 

While both coaches and counsellors support personal development, they differ in their approaches and roles. While psychologists work with the Past and Present, Coaching works with the Present and Future focusing mainly on getting clarity on aspirations, goal-setting, behaviour change while offering guidance and accountability. It’s a very future-oriented approach.

Support available to survivors

As a survivor, have you been facing challenges such as paralysis of moving forward, lack of clarity about your next chapter in life and doubts on how to achieve it amongst emotional distress?
Well, you’re not alone… Those feelings are very common and natural for survivors when reintegrating into life post-cancer.

Are you a cancer survivor?

Most survivorship programs include support with nutrition, exercise, and counselling via a psychologist. All of these are wonderful and necessary but one piece is missing.

Mindset Coaching can enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life.
Mindset coaching can benefit cancer survivors by finding clarity and fostering a positive outlook.

By addressing the Mindset, survivors can enhance their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Mindset coaching can benefit cancer survivors by finding clarity and fostering a positive outlook, ultimately promoting resilience and helping them cope with emotional challenges.

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10% of all the sales of our Mindset Coaching Programs with Cancer Survivors will go to the IKARO Charity Fund to support Clean Water installations in Africa.

We want to help you and together we can help them!

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